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Wet Shaving Starter Kit

Regular price $65.00

Our Wet Shaving Starter Kits come with everything you need to start the ritual! (Minus the water)

Kit includes a soap of your choice in the drop down menu

Styptic Pencil if you nick yourself to help clot the bleeding (livesavers! and not the candy type!)

Super Soft Synthetic Shave Brush only available for these seasonal kits

Mild Twist to Open (TTO) Safety Razor great for Beginners!

1 Pack (5 per pack) of Astra Platinum Blades

Matching Aftershave to close it all out ending your shave on the most superb note of freshness!

At the average of around $25 for a 5-8 pack of cartridge razors (We used Fusion Pro Glides before swapping) this kit will pay for itself in a matter of months!

Handmade Cigar box custom made for our Holiday Seasons!

Wonderful for collectors! and gift giving! Literally stick a bow on the box, and under the tree and your complete for the holidays or any gift!

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