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Black Diamond Shaving Co was created in 2013. It was never really meant to be a business, it just sort of evolved. From a garage start up to an actual brick and mortar store located in Dothan, Alabama. This company is not a franchise, or sub company of something larger, it is a sweat and blood (literally in the construction part) made from scratch, trial and error, learn as you go, hometown all American business. It is Veteran owned business, which means while we make every attempt to ship your order within 24 hours of your placing it...sometimes that doesn't happen and well..we're usually in contact pretty quickly to let you know if it will be longer. This usually only happens if we are away doing some secret mission, and even then...we have email on our high speed mobile devices. So we'll be sure to put that on hold and let you know.

So most people want to know why we sell the items we sell...its really simple..We're a single income family. We have one stone cold steely eyed stud (myself) a Domestic Engineer (wife) who coordinates day to day operations with two smaller finely tuned human specimens that I created (children). I was standing in Sam's one day purchasing a pack of Fusion Pro-Glide razors, a 12 pack with 3 "free" blades included, for a grand total of 49.99. I was considering going back and buying another pack since they were running a special of 3"free" blades. I realized I was fixing to spend $100 on razor blades!

At that moment I made a conscientious decision that I would find a box of blades from Ebay or Amazon from some guy who had stolen blades from the factory and I'd just have it on my conscience I bought stolen blades (<joke>). What I did find was they were not much cheaper then in the store.

Then it happened...an article about shaving like our grandfathers..since my great grandfather was a manly kind of man, and this was how he shaved, there had to be something to it.

Thus became..the

    Black Diamond Shaving Co


So share the wealth..
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"Start a tradition, leave a legacy, get your shave on" -Jeremy