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So what's this all about?

The average man according to the Wall Street Journal could spend upwards of $163 dollars per year in just razor blade refills. That doesn't include shaving cream which can cost $5-9 every other month. Those costs could reach around $200 per year.

Our goal is to help reduce that cost for you, down to just $84 a year.

Society is shifting. We are tired of paying the ridiculous amount for razors that we have conformed to in the past. With that, the use of Safety Razors, or Double Edge Razors have merged into the mainstream of use and continuing to be a growing alternative to cartridge razors. After all... our fathers and grandfathers used them, and they were considered the greatest generation.

Common Questions

What kind of soaps and blades will I be receiving?

We hand select the soaps you will be receiving from mostly small town artisan's here in the good ol' America. While we will occasionally send you what we feel are staples for every shaver, such as Proraso, or Taylor of Old Bonds. As far as blades go, you will receive a variety of blades typically 4 different packs. We do this so you have the opportunity to experience different manufacturers.

How do you know how many blades to send me?

We calculate the amount of blades you receive by the amount of days before you receive your next order. We took many polls of other wetshaver's to determine how often the average person changes their blades. saw that the average number was between 4-6 shaves. We decided to go with the lower to be in the safe side. You will receive on average enough blades to change your blade every 4 shaves should you choose.

How do you know how much soap to send me?

Again we took many polls and found that the average wetshaver's soap lasted around 3-4 months if they used it everyday. You will receive enough soap to last the average person 3 months.

What if I don't like the soap you send me?

That's a really great question, with a really simple answer. Use it anyway! HaHa! Just kidding...but no really, the soaps we send are not colonges, but they will be top performers. We promise not to send anything crazy such as Arkansas Mudd Shave Soap. We try to keep our scents as neutral as possible.

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